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Atlanta Residential Roofing – Protecting Your Home During Roof Replacement

Atlanta Residential RoofingAtlanta residential roofing jobs have the potential to cause minor damage to your home and its surroundings. Roof replacement often requires power tools, trucks, and a large crew, all of which can cause excess traffic and noise. While some roofing companies have little regard for your home and its inhabitants, Howe Roofs takes every necessary precaution to ensure you and your home are well-protected throughout the duration of your project.

We recommend that our customers take the following steps to prepare their home for a roof replacement:

  • Relocate outside planters and potted plants
  • Cover shrubs to protect them from debris
  • Arrange to have your outside pet(s) stay with a friend or neighbor
  • Remove wall hangings and delicate items stored on shelves (vibrations can cause them to fall and/or break)
  • Cover the items in your attic to protect them from dirt and debris
  • Move patio furniture away from roof overhangs

Be sure to ask the roofing crew for assistance with moving plants, furniture, and other items. We understand that taking these precautions can be bothersome for you and your loved ones. That’s why Howe Roofs works tirelessly to complete most roofing projects in as little as two to three days. Contact us to schedule a free roofing estimate for your roof installation project and to learn more about what makes us one of the premier Atlanta residential roofing contractors.

Atlanta, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Macon, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Charleston, SC office: (843) 277-9561
Charlotte, NC office: (803) 223-9675
Columbia, SC office: (803) 223-9675
Raleigh, NC office: (919) 251-6022
Savannah, GA office: (912) 228-356


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