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Atlanta Roofers – When to Hire One for Roof Replacement

Atlanta RoofersAtlanta roofers may not always have your best interest at heart; unfortunately, many homeowners learn this the hard way. At Howe Roofs, we have heard several nightmare stories from our customers about Atlanta roofers who not only over promise and under deliver, but who are dishonest with homeowners about the services they need.

Despite what other Atlanta area roofers might tell you, your home is likely only in need of a replacement roof if it is displaying one or more of the following signs:

  • Age – The typical lifespan for a home roof is about 15 years. This may vary (and extend as far upward as 60 years) depending on the roof’s material and the amount of maintenance that has been performed over the roof’s lifetime.
  • Damage – Roofs that have started to develop leaks on a regular basis and that are missing tiles or shingles have surpassed the point of needing a repair and should probably be replaced instead.
  • Increased utility bills – If your heating or cooling costs suddenly and dramatically increase, your roof could be to blame, especially if there is visible damage inside your attic.

If your roof is displaying any signs of needing to be replaced, or if you’re unsure of whether you’re in need of roof replacement, the experts at Howe Roofs can help. We have developed a thorough 60-point survey to determine your home’s exact roofing needs. As the premier roofers in Atlanta for more than 60 years, we have executed more than 90,000 roof replacement projects. Contact us to receive a free roofing estimate from one of the most trusted roofers in Atlanta.

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