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Cedar Roofing in Atlanta, Macon, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh, Savannah & Throughout the Southeast

Atlanta Roofing ContractorsFor the most attractive, well-constructed cedar roofing in the southeastern United States, look no further than Howe Roofs. We are proud members of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB), one of only three certified contracting companies in Georgia that can make that claim. Only contractors that have the best industry-wide reputations, use the best materials, provide the finest workmanship and adhere to the CSSB’s programs and inspection requirements are eligible for membership in this elite organization.

Cedar roofs are just the thing for a business owner looking to create a certain type of atmosphere for customers, or for a homeowner who seeks a look that is distinct from the standard asphalt shingle or clay tile. Cedar roofing comes in many shapes, grades, styles and a surprisingly wide variety of colors, but generally is broken down into two primary categories:

• Cedar shingles – cut smooth and machine sawn for a uniform appearance; ideal for Nantucket inspired vacation homes, contemporary wood cabins, modern homes and more.
Cedar shake – split in half at the saw mill to reveal the natural grain of the wood; thicker than shingles, producing a textured or layered appearance for rustic cabins, cottages or other structures.

In addition to our association with the CSSB, Howe Roofs brings more than 60 years’ experience to every cedar roofing project we perform. We’ve installed more than 90,000 roofs across the Southeast, and our attention to detail and commitment to customer service are unparalleled. Contact Howe Roofs today for more details about beautiful and stylish cedar roofing in Atlanta, Macon, Charleston, Savannah, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia and surrounding areas.

Atlanta, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Macon, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Charleston, SC office: (843) 277-9561
Charlotte, NC office: (803) 223-9675
Columbia, SC office: (803) 223-9675
Raleigh, NC office: (919) 251-6022
Savannah, GA office: (912) 228-3567



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