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Roof Coatings in Atlanta, Macon, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh, Savannah & Throughout the Southeast

Roof CoatingsRoof coatings are vital when it comes to lowering your energy costs and extending the life of your commercial or residential roof. This is particularly true in the southeastern United States, where the summer sun can send daytime rooftop temperatures soaring into the triple digits for weeks on end. With Howe Roofs as your partner in the battle against the elements, you will save money and extend the life of your roof.

Howe Roofs uses elastomeric roofing from ERSystems to restore and protect metal, BUR, single play membrane, asphalt roofing, spray polyurethane foam roofing systems and more. You will notice a marked reduction in your energy bill each month when you make use of the “cool roof” technology available from Howe Roofs and ERSystems.

The benefits of roof coatings provided by the professionals from Howe Roofs include:

• Increased solar reflection
• Reduced load on air conditioning
• Less bulk insulation required
• Extended life expectancy of the roof
• Reduced demand for electric power
• Contributes to EnergyStar rating

When Howe Roofs applies your roof coatings, you can rest assured that only the highest-quality material will be used by highly trained, conscientious roofing professionals. Our crew leaves the work site cleaner than it was before the job began, and a crew chief oversees the job every minute, from start to finish. Plus, for more than 60 years, Howe Roofs has staked its professional reputation on providing the best customer service in the industry. Contact us today for a free estimate on your commercial or residential roofing job in Atlanta, Macon, Charleston, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, Savannah and surrounding areas.

Atlanta, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Macon, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Charleston, SC office: (843-277-9561
Charlotte, NC office: (803) 223-9675
Columbia, SC office: (803) 223-9675
Raleigh, NC office: (919) 251-6022
Savannah, GA office: (912) 228-3567



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