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Slate Roof Installation in Atlanta, Macon, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh, Savannah & Surrounding Communities

Atlanta Slate RoofNothing sets a home apart like a new slate roof installed by Howe Roofs. It’s a classic look, a distinctive statement of permanence and style. Slate is natural stone, and as such, it is more durable than man-made materials. It’s also water- and fire-proof, and its innate ability to insulate the home and reflect harsh sunlight lowers energy costs.

The best naturally occurring slate in the country comes from Vermont, and Howe Roofs is proud to work with Vermont Structural Slate Company to provide our customers with a wide variety of slate roof colors and textures, including:

• Natural cleft – textured, natural finish, visually and to the touch

• Honed – extremely smooth, eggshell finish

• Cascade – uniform finish, subtle ripples, soft texture

• Textured – relatively flat, uniform cleft finish, more texture than Cascade

• Line textured – small, directional, intermittent grooves produce a fabric quality

• Roofing – natural cleft with trimmed edges

Why choose Howe Roofs to install your new slate roof? Because, with more than 90,000 roofs installed in the southeastern US, including many slate roofs, you know we have the experience and professionalism to get the job done right the first time, with as little disruption as possible. We serve the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Macon, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh and Savannah, and we treat every commercial and home roofing job with a sense of ownership and pride. Roofing excellence has been a tradition in the Howe family since 1947, and, as the premier roofer in Atlanta, we guarantee we’ll deliver a positive experience to every customer.

Contact Howe Roofs today for your free estimate. We’ll be happy to conduct a 60-point survey of your roof and provide you with a proposal of everything you’ll for an attractive, durable, cost-effective slate roof.

Atlanta, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Macon, GA office: (770) 424-5540
Charleston, SC office: (843) 277-9561
Charlotte, NC office: (803) 223-9675
Columbia, SC office: (803) 223-9675
Raleigh, NC office: (919) 251-6022
Savannah, GA office: (912) 228-3567



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